The Best Types of Beer

There are  many events and occasions that call for a beer, but some are better than others. Beer doesn’t always have to be complex to taste great. Here are some types of beer that many, including myself, enjoy.

1. Shower Beer

If you haven’t experienced this level of the beer experience I feel bad for you. I encourage you to do so immediately. Drinking something cool and refreshing while you shower is proof that God loves us. Personally, I enjoy everything from Coors Light to Goose Island as I believe those are both viable choices. I am partial to those two, but really any beer is going to taste better in the shower

Best Types of Beer AfterWork

2. After Work Beer

I think we all know this one well. The after work beer is the American classic. There is nothing more satisfying than going home, or to the bar with a work buddy and having a cold one. On top of that, it usually gives ample opportunity to bitch and complain about what you had to deal with at work that day. This is part of many countries’ drinking culture and may be considered an international custom. It is definitely something that many cultures have come to understand and enjoy.

3. Dinner Beer

Finishing off this list, the dinner beer is another iconic drink. It is just natural to have a drink with dinner. Many beers go well with food, so it is an awesome type of beer to drink. In many cultures it is customary to have a drink with dinner. These cultures understand the simplicity in that. 

Overall, the simplicity of these types of beer are what makes everyday life enjoyable. They enhance the experience of the drink for many.

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