Guinness: Classic Irish Stout

Why I love Guinness and think everyone should try it at least once.

Guinness Cover

The Classic Irish Stout

Most people have heard of Guinness, but far less have tried it. It is an old company, and is considered part of the history of Dublin. After all, what’s more Irish than Guinness? This is a classic beer that I can’t get enough of. Drinkability-wise, this is one of the more drinkable stouts on the market. This company has been serving high quality beer since 1759. That year, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease on a brewery in Dublin, still there to this day. This 9,000 year lease proved that the name Guinness was here to stay. He was right, because today Guinness is an international brand recognized nearly everywhere.


Overall, the beer is outstanding. I’ll talk more about the pour later, but once poured, it is deep black, with that famous cookie cutter white head. For presentation, Guinness gets an A+ from me. There’s not many other drinks that look this good in a glass. To be fair, most breweries don’t have custom made and branded glasses sitting in nearly every bar. Guinness doesn’t have much for smell, but the taste makes up for it. It is simple, but oh so satisfying. It tastes of lightly roasted malt mixed with the right ratio of sweetness. Again, it is simple, but satisfying. It goes down smooth, and it’s a refreshing drink for a warm day. Similar to most nitro beers, the mouthfeel is incredible. It is creamy and smooth and just perfect.

Guinness Pour

The Perfect Pour

Going so far as to post an instructional video on their website, the Guinness team has devised the optimized technique in serving this beer. First, you use one of their branded glasses and pour at a 45 degree angle until the beer fills to the harp. Next, allow the nitrogen to settle for exactly 119.5 seconds. Finally, you top off the glass and enjoy.

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