Founders: Kentucky Breakfast Stout

A Review

A Stout to Judge Other Stouts

I drove to my local B & B to pick up a six pack of Lagunitas (a post for another time). Little did I know, this B & B was holding a gem. I saw a bottle of Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout and I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. I was delighted to discover that this was a rare stout that is one of the best in the industry. KBS is an imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels. Founder’s Brewing did a great job with this stout while not naming an outrageous price for a limited release. This is a stout that I will judge other stouts against for some time to come.

Kentucky Breakfast Stout: Stout or Decadent Dessert?

The answer is both. You may say, “Adam, a beer can’t be a dessert.” This, however, is wrong mainly because this is my blog and I make the rules. Kentucky Breakfast Stout is a very rich and sweet beer that is as decadent as it is malty.

The stout pours a pitch black with a one inch light brown head that sticks around. On the nose, it smells of chocolate, coffee, cherry, and faintly vanilla. What everyone wants to know: The taste is out of this world.¬† First, you taste the wave of dark chocolate. This then opens up into a cacophony of flavors that harmonize with each other. The stout¬† tastes of vanilla, cherry, coffee, and of course that special bourbon tint mingled all throughout. Although Founders’ Kentucky Breakfast Stout boasts a 12.3% ABV, the taste of alcohol is not overpowering, but it accompanies the other flavors which are more prominent. Finally, the mouthfeel is fairly thick but not too much so. It reaches a happy medium for texture.

Kentucky Breakfast Stout


Overall, this is an excellent choice if you can find it. I purchased this stout a few months after release, so some of the flavors may have changed slightly. If you find this beer, buy it. You will not regret it.


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